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When I come into contact with people, I find myself curious about the relationships in their lives. What relationships have helped influence and shape who they are today? What relationships can they lean on in those inevitable difficult times? I appreciate hearing about the relationships people have that stand out as impactful. The type of relationship that has endured the test of time, the relationship that knows when to share and when to simply listen, the relationship that brings those deep belly laughs. And how do they bring their authentic self to their relationships, especially the ones that are more complex?

We all have a variety of different relationships in our lives. Be it an intimate relationship, parent child relationship, family of origin relationship, or even a friendship, they are all different and impact our lives in a variety of ways. With each of those relationships we can bring a different level of authenticity. Which relationships do you feel you are your most authentic self? Which relationships do you feel you aren't being your best self? Which relationships are you comfortable being vulnerable? Which relationships feel like obligation, rather than choice? Which relationships do you feel like you can't get enough of?

It could be because I have such a diversity of relationships in my own life. Or many it's because I have done some healing work on some of the relationships in my life. It could also be because I have lost some of the most precious relationships in my life. Regardless of why I am so curious about relationships, it gives me a deep appreciation for the variety of relationships that come and go in our lifetimes.

We all have relationships with room for improvement, relationships that bring out the best in us, and relationships that could benefit from a deeper connection. Many of us have relationships from the past that still need some healing, and sometimes the relationship impacts can be from inter-generational hurts from long ago that still haven't been healed. Regardless it's never too late to deepen or improve our relationships.

What relationships have come to mind as you were reading this?

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